Glutton For Punishment

Okay, so it’s been nearly two months since I last posted here. I apologize, but I’ve got good reasons. The first is that life has been busy and I have had nothing in particular to say apart from creating a third blog that is also neglected.

The end of the school year is always crazy busy and I forget this every single year. Like I have mom dementia or something. In addition, I joined the band booster board as treasurer (a job I am not really qualified for – shh, don’t tell them! – but that’s the way volunteer jobs go. You take the one that says yes, rather than holding out for a better fit. You’d be waiting until forever.). And then there were birthdays – Red turned 12! I turned 50!! There aren’t enough exclamation points for that last thought!!!! Holy Shit!!!! How am I old??? At least it’s happening to a lot of my friends so I’m not alone in this new decreptitude (though I will admit that I’m a lot more happy and content these days than I was 20 years ago. Hell, than 10 years ago!).

As soon as school was done, we gallivanted off to NYC for a couple days. We stayed in Brooklyn and visited: Coney Island, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Tenement Museum, Elliot’s apartment (from Mr. Robot), High Line Park, Central Park, saw Matilda, the Brooklyn Public Library, and the Brooklyn Museum. We visited the library mainly because we were waiting for the BM to open and the BPL had not only bathrooms but wifi. So, score! And a library is a great place to kill time without looking suspicious for loitering and you don’t have to buy anything. Even though we could have. Out here in Podunk, they don’t have cafe’s in their libraries. And my closest library is about the size of a Brooklyn apartment so you’d have to get rid of the children’s section if you wanted to add a cafe.

We celebrated my birthday in Prospect Park with friends and had breakfast every morning at Tom’s Diner. I saw exactly zero celebrities during our entire trip. I wasn’t really looking very hard for them anyway. It was too hot to gawk.

Then we came home and the girls left for their dad’s for the summer and I went back to work and now it’s July.

And because I can’t ever just be happy with the status quo, I adopted a kitten. She’s very cute but has created quite a lot of crazy drama over the past week. She’s finally settled down a bit and even though the other cats refuse to come in the house or have anything to do with her, we’ve figured out a decent routine that generally works. And she’s become comfortable enough with her new mom (me) and new surroundings that she can happily play by herself with a variety of paper balls and knobs of sticks and odds and ends she scares up without freaking out every time I leave the room. I hope we’ll continue to make progress and the cats will accept her and she’ll have cat friends on the outside and won’t need so much of my attention. She hasn’t shown any obvious signs that she understands the whole litter pan concept but I’m hoping that’ll happen eventually.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on. Stuff and things. With a little drama thrown in for good measure.


3 thoughts on “Glutton For Punishment

  1. An acquaintance (Walker’s Serbian chess teacher) died suddenly this week, from a heart attack. He was 53. That really brings it home, when someone around your own age dies (I’m five years older than you are, two years older than he was).
    But a kitten! A kitten can make you feel young!
    What are you planning for these childless summer weekends? Still working at the park?

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