My Brain Needs You

So, my brain wants me to be even busier than I already am. I’ve begun a new project on the heels of not getting the grant I applied for to help me write my novel. But I’m really excited about this, if I can pull it off. Here’s the site:

Here are my thoughts – or some of them:

  1. I’ve set up my own Artist Residency in Motherhood based on the site linked in that blog.
  2. I want to pair words and pictures together that speak to what motherhood is – the good and the bad. I don’t want to ignore the taboos. I might want to embrace them. Actually, no “might”. I do. I want to rip the bandaid right off.
  3. I want to invite YOU, my creative mothers and children of mothers, to make your own art that means motherhood to you. I have so many creative friends. And so many others who don’t think of themselves as creative but actually are.
  4. I want to take all this art and put on a show. For people to see. In a public place. Art by women who are mothers or who have mothers (which is all of us). Art by women who don’t consider themselves artists. Art by women who do.
  5. I want to open my house to other mothers who need a place to do their art. Day residencies. Come out to the country and paint, draw, write, knit, sew, think, lie in the sun and find themselves again! Because we’re mothers, we have responsibilities to others. We can’t be gone for days. But maybe we can be gone for hours. Even if it’s just 9-3 one day a month.
  6. Maybe we can join other mothers in a writing class for a couple hours. Maybe we just need to get away from laundry and homework and just remember who we are as people. As women. It’s very hard to think when we’re in the middle of the noise. Literal noise and that buzzing in your head as you make all those lists of things that MUST BE DONE today, tomorrow, next week. Things that get shifted to another day because someone just threw up and it’s somehow your job to clean up the mess and alter the schedule. Maybe we just need to get away from the phone, the email, social media. It’s loud out there. Silence is helpful.

If you are interested, let me know. You don’t have to live close by (hell, nobody lives near me!). You just have to have an urge to do, to make. To join. To express yourself however that happens. If you’re a mother of young people, chances are good there are some crayons nearby. Or popsicle sticks. Or Legos. Or glue. Or maybe you have a box (or 50) of old photographs that need to be written about and shared with others. Maybe you have a poem or story that needs to be written. A piece of art to make out of whatever you have. Fabric, aluminum pie pans, paper plates, wire, twist ties, paint, markers, pencils, old tires, rusty nails, leftover plastic easter egg halves, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, post-it notes. If you are a mother, you know what I’m talking about.

If you’re the mother of older children, I bet there are some magazines you’re tired of looking at. Collages! Of Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift! If they’re out of the house (you lucky dog) and they’ve left their stuff behind, you have my permission to rifle through it in the name of art. Or at least for a series of still lives. You don’t have to steal or pry. But simply imagine how different life would be without having made the space for these people you raised. What their presence has added to your life. What it’s taken away.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to take those Playmobil people and adjust them into a diorama that may not be suitable for all ages. Whatever.

Maybe you don’t have children but have a relationship with your mother – good or bad – that needs exploring. Is there baggage? What kind? Is it literal or figurative? If you’ve lost a mother and gained a lot of stuff, what’s that like for you? Is it hard to part with it? Why? Write it, draw it, photograph it, cover it in something.

I want you and your creativity. Go over to the site and count yourself in. I’ll let you know how things progress. No pressure. No time limits. All I need is the urge to be heard.