Things To Do On A Rainy Night

It’s been cool and rainy the past couple days. This has put a damper on the things I normally would be doing so I’ve had to shift my focus.

Things I won’t be doing until the rain goes away:

*Cleaning the gutters (clogged with maple helicopters)


*Planting my new tomato and pepper plants (though I did get out to the garden yesterday to add more soil to the potatoes and just check on everything.)

*Walking the track with my hand weights.


Things I Have Been Doing Instead:

* Writing a blog post!

* Inviting you to visit my other blog: here’s my recent post there. Please visit, like, follow. It needs some love. It’s so much fun to do, when I have the time to do it. It’s mostly photographs so it’s the easiest blog to read! I have many more posts queued up to go!

* Exercise indoors – yoga with Red, some core exercises that are supposed to help strengthen my back, etc.

* Make a belated gift for a friend (need to get on that)

* Listen to the quiet hum of a house on a week night. The children are doing homework. Unaided. Dusty is practicing her flute, getting ready for her Wind Ensemble audition. Somehow, Red has discovered (or maybe it’s taught in school now like it wasn’t when I was her age) how to begin projects on her own, ahead of time so that they are finished long before the deadline. The other night she showed me some ears and a tail she’d made for a skit her group is performing in theatre arts. That explains the bits of fabric on the floor near the fabric boxes. I picked it up and tucked it back away. Dusty has asked if I have an extra poster board. Yep! One left. And she’s off to do whatever project she’s working on – it’s either for English or Latin. Eventually she’ll remind me. It feels….so NICE to not have the nightly homework struggle any more. No more tears and hair pulling and agony. We all do what we need to do, separately and alone, for the most part, and then reconvene for tv later.

* Observe people. Two recent observations: one involves a faculty spouse. I attend a monthly “women’s group luncheon” lecture that the faculty put on. It’s a free lunch and I get to hear women speak about topics that matter to them. I get to meet some of the women faculty which never happens otherwise in my job.

There is this one woman, new to the college. Italian, perhaps? I can’t remember. Her husband teaches in the foreign language department and she speaks a bit of English but not enough for her to feel very confident in conversation with strangers. She is immensely thin and I’m thinking there’s a food issue here. But what I’ve seen on the two occasions we’ve sat at the same table is that she forgoes all the food except dessert. The first luncheon she ate nothing but three brownies and two cookies. She may have gone back for seconds. Yesterday, she did eat some fruit and followed it up with two enormous pieces of cake. I’m not saying this to judge at all. I do not know her story and don’t even want to surmise. I am just curious about people so I notice things. And I notice this woman eats a lot of dessert. Who doesn’t like dessert?

I went to the library at lunch today. I used to go all the time and write. I’ve given that up for the most part (except for here and my morning pages) but there was no dry place to sit outside or walk and it was too chilly anyway, so I went to the library and had the whole back section of tables to myself. This NEVER happens. But, on my way out I saw my favorite old man. I’ve seen him numerous times in the past. He’s usually working on a collage or a scrap book or some art of some kind. He spreads out pages from magazines, cuts out the images he likes, and pastes them in a notebook. I really want to know his story but I’m too timid to ask. He’s always got a smile on his face. Today he was walking to a table and hugging a book or notebook to his chest. With a smile. He didn’t have his art supplies but maybe, like me, the weather put a kink in his normal routine and he just stopped by to read. He smiled and waved, I smiled and nodded, and we went our separate ways.

I don’t have a neat way to wrap this up. It’s cold and wet and the cats are out huddling on my warm car hood (though I can’t imagine it’s warm at this point) instead of coming inside. I’m very very glad tomorrow is Friday and I have two entire weekend days in which to sleep late and get some things done. If all goes as planned, we’ll see the middle school’s production of Peter Pan tomorrow night and the high school’s production of West Side Story on Saturday. And Sunday I’ll get back to the gutters and the grass and the garden where this is always much to do.


2 thoughts on “Things To Do On A Rainy Night

  1. We need to clean out our gutters too but it’s either been way too windy (red flag warnings), rainy/stormy or we had out of town guests. But the gutters are packed full 😦

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