30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 30

Prompt: One thing you’re excited for.

Well, for one thing, I’m excited that this writing challenge is over. And that I can go back to writing what and when I want. I’ve also neglected my other blogs. It seems I’ve reached the limits of how much blog writing I can do and…one post a day is it.

I’m also excited that I’m closer to my two-week holiday vacation. I desperately need some unstructured down time even though I just had a week off.

I’m excited about the new little craft area I made in my bedroom. I took the table the guinea pig cage was on and it fit exactly perfectly in the corner of my room next to my love seat. I moved the bookshelves around and organized the books a bit. All my “writer” books are in one place next to my writing desk. Nonfiction/biography/memoirs are together. Books by the same author are together – all my Tana French books are finally able to live togetherĀ – at least among the books in my room. Books I haven’t read are in one pile. Some of them….I don’t know. I might have lost interest in a few. I also pulled together a stack of books to give away. I still need to paint the red wall but the room looks much better. It’s not 100% KonMari’d but it’s close. And that’s exciting.


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