30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 25

Prompt: Four weird traits you have.

What are you doing to me? Why must my traits be considered weird? By whom? I’ll tell you four things about me which may or may not be considered traits or weird. You be the judge. Or not.

One. I’m an introvert. I like being alone. I’m never bored in my own company though I might be bored in yours. Well, not YOU but him over there. Or that woman. I like people that I like but if I’m by myself, I’m content. I’m never without a book or something to write on and with. In crowds, I’m a people watcher. My mind is always thinking. It is as exhausting as it sounds. I think and it’s usually when I’m driving or in the shower that I remember something I must write down immediately. I have a notepad and pens in the car. I can write and drive at the same time. It’s a skill. I got off track, I think.

Two. I diverge. I get off track. I start thinking of one thing and that thought takes me to another and another and then I don’t know where the hell I am or how I got there. My dreams are that way too. I start out in some semi-familiar abandoned house surrounded by semi-familiar people and end up all the way up in New York City if NYC was in Richmond on Monument Avenue and all my past boyfriends are sitting around plotting how to make my life a misery.

Three. I am both productive and a procrastinator. My bedroom is a good example. I painted it last year and rearranged things (I rearranged again yesterday – the table the Dearly Departed Guinea Pig’s cage was on is now my craft table) but I’ve decided I don’t like the red wall. I bought more grey paint months ago but I haven’t repainted yet. Mainly because I damaged my left elbow and couldn’t lift a paint brush much less a toothbrush for months. It’s fixed now but the wall’s still red. The photos I tacked up….I have a different idea about how to display them. I just need to DO IT. Maybe over Xmas break. If I feel like it.

Four. I’m not really huge about tradition per se. I don’t understand doing a thing over and over if it’s original meaning is gone. Like silver and china patterns as wedding gifts (I don’t have fancy dinner parties). Like Thanksgiving with that static menu of things I don’t eat or like. Until this year – we’re leaving for the train station soon – I’ve suffered through years of Thanksgivings in my cold (literally – the heat is never sufficient) childhood home and wishing I were home (see trait #1). The menu rarely varied. My dream vacation? Beachfront house with people I enjoy, eating whatever the hell we want. Bring your favorite dish to share! Or, let’s order pizza! Bring your favorite beer! Let’s watch our favorite movies!

Not sure those are all technically “traits” but it’ll have to do. I have a train to catch!



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