30-Day Writing Challege: Day 23

Prompt: A family member you dislike.

Oooh. What a terrible prompt. I don’t dislike anyone in my family. I have a complicated relationship with my mother but I’m not going to write about that here. I don’t really know what to do with this. I have ancestors who owned slaves but that was a long time ago. I didn’t know them. Which doesn’t mean I condone the behavior but it’s just so far away from me. It’s like a story. A bad story. I dislike that about them but I don’t know them.

It’s easier to tell you what season I dislike (winter). Or what foods (meat, beets, kale), colors (dayglo anything), cars (Hummers), etc. There are people I dislike but I don’t want to write about them either.

I’m drawing a blank here. I am home today and plan to get a few things done, read and nap and drink hot tea, and I don’t want to focus on the negative. I don’t want to waste space on someone I dislike. Or the fact that the county just sent me a bill for $1. And is threatening to suspend my license if I don’t pay up super quick. Hope they like cash cause that’s what they’re getting. I considered taping quarters to the bill (Dusty suggested pennies) but it would waste too much postage and I wasn’t even given a proper return envelope with a window. So we’ll see how quickly it gets to them.

But let’s not dwell on the stupidity of government entities. Let’s talk about how I’m going to make some chocolate chip cookies today and ignore all the weight I’ve gained recently. Let’s talk about how tomorrow I’m going to make pumpkin pull-apart bread for our journey south on Wednesday – assuming parties on both ends are well. Let’s talk about how Dusty will turn 15 on Friday. Fifteen. I don’t know how that happened. It feels like I’ve known her all my life. Fifteen seems like a lot of time and no time at all. Maybe the passage of time is what I dislike. But I don’t. I’ve enjoyed every age my children have been. Whatever age they are is my favorite. I lucked out in the child department. The stork brought just the right ones.

So, I’ll think about the family members I like the best; the ones that live in my house.


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