30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 22

Prompt: Your morning routine.

I hate these kind of prompts. My morning routine during the work week looks like this:

The alarm goes off at 6:10am and I hit the snooze. I’m up by 6:15. Now that DST is finally over, I wake up to a light sky. I can see the sun peeking out between the bare tree branches. I turn on the coffee pot and get in the shower. I feed the cats and let them in, pour my first cup of coffee and set the timer on my phone for 10 minutes. I sit in my favorite chair in the living room and write until the timer goes off. Sometimes I have a lap full of cats and sometimes I don’t. Dusty wakes herself up and takes a shower.

At 7:00am or so, I wake up Red and toast bagels for me and Dusty. I pull the kids’ lunch bags out of the fridge and put them on the coffee table. Fill their water bottles. Pour my second cup of coffee and make my lunch. Fix the bagels – put Dusty’s in a bowl next to her lunch. Dusty emerges from the shower and goes to her room to dress, fix her hair and makeup, etc.

Red comes in, dressed and brushing her hair, and makes her own bagel to her exact specifications. I can no longer be trusted to do this right. I don’t toast the bagel enough. I put too much cream cheese on it. She’s taken over the reins.

Now, it’s about 7:15 and I get dressed. I check on Red’s progress – she’s an incredibly slow eater – remind her she’s got 10 minutes before she’s got to brush her teeth. This actually means 20 but if I never remind her, we’d all be late.

I put on make up, pee for the 15th time, gather all my things – I carry bags and bags and bags with me – wash out the coffee pot, do a few dishes if there’s time. I like to come home to an empty sink and a slightly tidy kitchen.

Red brushes her teeth. Dusty is eating her breakfast and gathering her things. She’s ready. I’m ready. Red is still not ready. Dusty heads for the car. It’s 7:35. I give Red final warning. She pulls all her things together. We leave the house. 7:40. We get in the car. Red’s forgotten her lunch. I let her back in the house. She retrieves it. We get back in the car. At the bottom of the driveway, the newspaper is picked up.

We listen to music on the way to the schools. We talk or we don’t. 8:10, Dusty’s dropped off first. I take the back access road to the middle school and drop off Red. 7 minutes later, I arrive at work. The day begins.


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