30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 20

Prompt: Put your music player on shuffle and write the first 3 songs that play and what your initial thought is.

Well, this one is impossible since my “music player” is my car’s CD player and it only takes one disc at a time. I don’t have an iTunes account – the one that pops up is actually my kids’; I haven’t attempted to activate my own yet – and I only had Dusty set up Spotify on my phone so that I could listen to the new One Direction album while I waited for the CD to be shipped. This is a true fact and I am not ashamed of it.

I drive a lot and I mostly only listen to music while I drive. My car doesn’t have an output so there’s no way to hook an ipod or iphone up to the speakers. And when I’m walking around outside, I don’t want to listen to music. I want to hear the outside. The trains, the birds, the leaves rustling in the trees, dogs barking, insects, wind. Nature.

So, in order to not break my 30 day writing commitment, I’ve decided instead to stroll over to my CD collection, close my eyes, and pull out 3. I’ll pick one song from each. Fair? It’s gonna have to do.

Dreaming – Blondie (The Best of Blondie)

Blondie takes me right back to high school, shopping at A Sunny Day in the building where The Village Cafe is now. This songs reminds me of the top I bought there – white cap-sleeved with a turquoise triangle in the middle. Color blocked. The hot colors then were grey, pink and turquoise against black and/or white. Retro ’50’s was in. I wish I still had that top. I remember going up the stairs to the catwalk level where the cool (expensive) shoes were. I was never able to buy more than a pair of jellies or some shirt on sale but it was fun to browse among the college students.

In The Middle of the Night – Madness (One Step Beyond…)

Another band from my high school days. Madness, The Specials, all those ska bands, I love them. Politics with a dash of fun and so great to dance to. This song is hilarious and still makes me laugh to think about some old pervert stealing underwear off housewives’s clothes lines in some grey London neighborhood.

There’s no video for this song but I can give you this one:

I Do It For Your Love – Paul Simon (Still Crazy After All These Years)

This was one of the few albums my mother owned and I listened to it over and over again. There are a number of songs I like from it but this one was a story about a newly married couple, with no money, trying to figure out how to create a married life, a home, with basically nothing. It was grim but romantic. I never wanted to live it but I liked to listen to it. I’m not nearly as enamored of Paul Simon as I used to be but I still love this album.

There’s no video of this song either but here’s a beautiful version with Simon and Herbie Hancock:


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