30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 18

Prompt: Your favorite color and why.

I wear a lot of black. Because it helps this introvert hide. Because when I order pants, black is the only color that goes with everything else. Because it hides flaws and dirt. Because my soul is black and my clothes should mirror this so that I am reduced to a dark nothing. A negative. You never saw me! I wasn’t there! I was wearing black!

But black is the backdrop and it’s not *really* a color. It’s the absence of color. Or it’s what you get when there’s no light. When you lose the sun, you lose color and all is darkness.

So in terms of color, I really like purple. All shades. I especially like it on my toe nails. The sparklier the better. Purple is bold and vibrant and pulses. It’s alive. It’s fun. Nature is full of it. From the delicate flowers of rosemary and lavender, to the in-your-face petunias I try to plant somewhere in the yard each year. Don’t forget violets and pansies. alliums, irises, sweet peas, morning glories – all have purple varieties. Just to name a few. I love having purple in my garden.

It’s associated, in history, with royalty because it was an expensive color to dye cloth until the industrial age. And it was apparently the color associated with women’s suffrage, which is extra cool.

But, for me, it’s basically just bright and cheery. I wouldn’t paint my house purple – a little goes a long way – but it makes me happy. Life is short. Wear what makes you happy.


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