30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 14

Prompt: Your life in 7 years.

In seven years, if all goes as planned, Dusty will be a junior in college and Red will be a senior in high school. I will be making plans for my exit. Not my exit from existence but my exit from the life I’m currently living. This spot, this house, this job, this way. I will be working on my reinvention, figuring out what to do, where to go, what’s next. I’m giving myself 10 years before I really want to be gone and doing something completely different.

This morning, I thought it would be fun, if I had the money (which I do not), to create a tiny house writers’ retreat on a large piece of land. I’d live in a small house on the property and then have four or five tiny houses built a ways out from it and each other. Large one-room houses with kitchettes and bathrooms. Composting toilets but a shared well. The main space would be as big as my bedroom (14’x16′) with a full sized bed and work space, small sofa, kitchen area with the basics: dorm fridge, coffee pot, stove top and microwave oven, tea kettle, dishes, pots and pans, etc. With a bathroom (shower only) and a tiny storage closet where clothes could be hung and linens stored. So perhaps four or five 25’x25′ houses. Wifi included. I could make some income providing quiet spaces for writers (and artists if they worked small), surround myself with other introverts.

Who wants to fund my dream?


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