30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 13

Prompt: Your commute to and from work/school/etc.

My commute takes about 30 minutes on a school day but is a very pretty one. And it takes place primarily on only two roads – the second is a straight shot into town – with just one stop light. I never get tired of watching the seasons alter the landscape.  Right now, all the dead corn stalks have been cut down leaving rolling acres of stubble on the ground, like a giant who needs a new blade in his razor. Houses and barns that had been hidden from view for months suddenly appear and seem almost naked and vulnerable. The leaves have almost completely fallen from the deciduous trees. Skeleton branches huddle against the firs and pines for warmth.

We pile in the car every weekday morning about 7:40am, give or take. Red has become notorious for forgetting her lunch bag or her science homework so there’s always a last minute dash back in to retrieve it. At the bottom of the driveway, I pick up the newspaper, despite continually asking that whoever is Deliverer of the Week put it in the paper box by the mailbox. I’m tired of making that phone call. We listen to stupid radio stations or a CD. My go-to oldies station has reception problems and crosses streams with another station, and the other rock station is invariable playing Pink Floyd (ugh). The kids’ stations are nothing but idiots jabbering away and making inappropriate comments about stupid crap. So, I’ll usually pop in a CD.

On the way, we pass all the kids waiting for the buses, some with parents, some with parents and dogs. Our current daily dogs are a white Great Dane (or some similar enormous beast) who sometimes has a sweater on, and a small golden long haired spaniel-like dog. And then we continue down the main road, discussing things or just watching the fog rise over the streams we cross. Sometimes we’re treated to “God rays” of sunlight penetrating the clouds. Past the sod farm and up the hill that, in the summer, is a tunnel of leaves.

Too often, we’ll have to slow down for an accident.

And then we’re at the high school. Dusty is dropped off. I go down the back road to the middle school next door. Red is dropped off. Another five minutes and I’m at work.

Another day begins.



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