30-Day Writing Challege: Day 10

Prompt: A fruit you dislike and why.

I like most fruit. Except the grapefruit. I like “essence of grapfruit” in food. I like grapefruit-flavored drinks. I mean there are few things better than Fresca. But the fruit itself? Is nasty.

My mother used to include a grapefruit half in her breakfast back when she was dieting (always). Back in the ’70’s, the typical dieting breakfast for the average housewife was a nauseating combination of grapefruit half, scoop of cottage cheese (the devil’s dairy), and a piece of toast slathered in margarine. I ask you. She probably washed it down with Sanka.

When my sister was born, and my mother was still in the hospital, I went to stay at the house of one of my dad’s co-workers. They were pleasant people and had a daughter my age who had an entire built-in bookshelf filled with dolls we couldn’t play with. For breakfast, they gave me toast and half a grapefruit. It was a vile, vile trick to play on a five year old. I went to school hungry. I attempted to eat this pink thing that looked so innocent and pretty but when you speared it with a dangerous spoon with jagged spikes on the end of it, it squirted me in the eye. And then I tasted it. I knew then that grapefruit and I would not be friends.

I don’t care how much sugar you pour on it. It’s still foul. And the fact that you have to pour sugar on it to make it edible should tell you everything you ought to know. Use them to flavor other products but do not eat them as-is. They are hateful produce. Hateful.


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