30-Day Writing Challege: Day 7

Prompt: What tattoos you have and if they have meaning.

Well, this will be easy. I have no tattoos and probably will never have one because: NEEDLES. I hate them. And PAIN. I hate that too and also I don’t think I could come up with a design I’d want to live with forever.

It might be nice to have one of those branchy trees with maybe two little ornaments hanging off it with my kids’ initials on them but…that might also be horrible.

Or a blue glass bottle with a cork stopper?

Or a tomato? A tiny green frog? A little brown guinea pig?

Or maybe not. I’ll just keep the needles away from my skin. When we all went to get flu shots last month, I was the one that flinched. Having blood drawn just makes me want to crawl away somewhere so the phlebotomist can’t find me. This year, I switched primary care doctors and the phlebotomist there was excellent but you just never know what you’re in for until it’s too late.

I’d much rather have a lifetime’s supply of temporary tattoos that I could use when the urge struck and then scrub it away when I got tired of it. I seem to have problems with commitment these days.


3 thoughts on “30-Day Writing Challege: Day 7

  1. I feel the same, temporary is best. There’s absolutely no image I’d want to live with or look at for the rest of my life; I get bored too easily.

  2. I do keep a few month’s supply of my favorite temporary tattoo–one that, according to my favorite TV show, will keep demons from possessing me. I put one on when I’m facing any particularly thorny faculty member at work.

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