30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 5

Prompt: A place you would live, but have never visited.

Well, funny you should ask that. I’m currently trying to figure out where I want to live in 10 years when I’m done raising children and putting them through college. Before the ink’s dry on my youngest’s diploma, I plan to pull up stakes, buy some land and have a tiny house built on it (though not TOO tiny – I’m claustrophobic and do NOT want a bedroom in a loft that was too low to stand up in. I’m not climbing up a tiny ladder when I’m 60 either.). The idea of living in something that’s new and built to my specifications and leaves a small footprint is really exciting. I’d like a small (600-800 sf) one story house with two bedrooms or a bedroom and a study with a place for guests to sleep. A decent kitchen area is crucial and a bathroom with shower and tub. Compostable toilet, yes. Solar powered electricity, yes. It’ll be interesting to see where this tiny house fad is in 10 years.

There are plenty of exotic far-away places I’d like to live (maybe) but I’ve never been anywhere. I don’t have a passport. So, I really don’t know if I would want to live somewhere that’s lovely to visit but….all the places I would like to live are too cold. Scandinavian countries seem like nice places to live. But I need something warmer for most of the year.

Right now, I’m pondering two places: Asheville, NC and West Virginia. Which, I know is lopsided because one’s a city and the other an entire state. But I’ve never been to either and was thinking tonight that it would be fun to take a couple short touristy trips in the next couple years and figure out whether I really like them or not.

Actually, I have been to West Virginia but I was young and it was a really bad experience that had nothing to do with the state. It seems like a pretty place to live with lots of nature and water and mountains and stuff.

I like the idea of Asheville because it seems to attract the kind of person whose beliefs match mine. But I don’t want to live IN the city. Maybe outside of it. Way outside.

So, I’m going to poke around on the interwebs and see if I can zero in on specific areas of West Virginia and maybe take a weekend trip and explore a bit this summer. Or next. Blackwater Falls State Park looks interesting. My dream would be to live next to a stream or creek or river where I’d have some breathing room and no neighbors.

But, at this point, I’m open to anything as long as it’s not too terribly far from the ocean.


2 thoughts on “30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 5

  1. I love the Atlantic off the U.S. east coast, all cloudy with nutrients and full of starfish and hermit crabs and other creatures. But one day I’d like you to see how clear the Pacific can be, off of the Big Island of Hawaii, for instance, and how if you snorkel out to the rocks at the edge of a beach, that’s where all the sea life is.

    • Hawaii is beautiful – I visited it in 87 – and exactly like a postcard. But it’s a hideously expensive place to live. So, unfortunately, Hawaii is not on my list. I’ve seen the Pacific but not the beaches. Just the rocky outcrops. Living on the beach is also too expensive for me. So, if I can just be a couple hours away so vacations are reasonable, I’ll be good.

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