30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 4

Prompt: Ten interesting facts about yourself.

  1. I’m an old dog but I’ve learned a lot of new tricks in the last year.
  2. I find people really interesting and curious. Even people I despise. I wonder how they think, why they believe what they do. I want to know the backstory.
  3. I love old things: houses, places, objects. I like things that other people, long ago, loved and made. I have never understood those people on house shows that don’t want a house that’s been lived in by other people. People who will even change out an entire toilet (not just the seat – the entire thing!) because it’s been used by others. How do those people function out in public?
  4. I can’t stand to let battery powered things (laptop, phone) get below 80%. I like things charged at 100% at all times. You just never know when the electricity will go out. My kids think I’m insane. They don’t start to panic until their devices register 17% or less.
  5. I feel the same way about my bank account. If it gets below a certain amount, I panic. It always gets below that amount. I’m still relatively okay but it doesn’t keep me from worrying deep into the night.
  6. I like to sleep in complete darkness. Naked. It’s more comfortable. I don’t know how people can stand wearing anything when they sleep. Don’t they get all tangled up?
  7. While I can stop hating people who’ve wronged me, I still haven’t come to grips with the idea of forgiveness. Or maybe it’s the same thing. I don’t really know. What confuses me the most are people who hate me for things I actually never did. I hate being misunderstood more than just being hated because I’m weird or boring or uncool or just not their cup of tea.
  8. I’m terrified of dying before I’ve done what I’m supposed to do. And I don’t know what that is yet so I’m especially freaked out at the thought of sudden death. I have to clean out my gutters this weekend. I will be extra careful not to jinx myself.
  9. I have a feeling I’ll finish out my life never having experienced a real loving relationship (children excepted). I am envious of people who seem to have found it. What’s their secret? Or is it just sheer luck?
  10. Things are better than they used to be. Inside, where you can’t see. Outside, things are still a little precarious.

2 thoughts on “30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 4

  1. I so get the last part of #7.
    From talking to my daughter, lately, I am newly aware of how many compromises Ron and I both made for the sake of our relationship. I think you have to make a lot of compromises, and end up happy with what you got. No one ever gets it all. Sometimes in a second marriage, maybe, but that is luck!

    • Yes, and those compromises have to be made by two people equally. When everything is lopsided, eventually you just slide off the cliff.

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