Darkness Closing In

It’s pitch dark when I wake up and dark by the time I pull into the driveway. It’s like the day is a blanket I wrap around me without ever peeking out. Or I’m the filling in a darkness sandwich. It’s wet and cold and dark today and one of my headlights is out. And I’m nearly out of gas. My car officially has 200,005 miles on it. Yes, I was watching the road and forgot to watch the 9s flip to 0s and I’m bummed. Maybe if I drive backwards? Like in Ferris Bueller? Wait, it didn’t work for them, did it? That fancy sports car just went right through the plate glass, didn’t it? Sigh. Life is full of disappointment.

November’s almost here. DST will be gone for a few months (if only it was gone forever!) and I’ll be waking up to daylight again. So, there’s that at least. A vanilla Oreo instead of a chocolate one. Kind of. A half-and-half Oreo.

A few people I know are signing up for NaNoWriMo but….not me. Why do they choose November? There’s no way. Maybe in January, I could muster the energy and time, but not November.

Instead, I’ve decided to try a slightly easier task. Maybe. I’m going to attempt a 30-day writing challenge I found on FB (actually it was courtesy of Hoagie’s Gifted Education FB page). I’ll write on the assigned prompt each day, no matter how stupid or unapplicable though I’ll be out of town during Thanksgiving. Perhaps if I write those ahead of time and publish as soon as I can? Will that count? You know how I feel about rules.

The first prompt is five problems with social media. Hmmm. See you on Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Darkness Closing In

  1. Ron and I worked on a Reynolds Price play entitled Early Dark when we were in college, and we still intone solemnly “gets dark early now” every time we get a chance, which amuses us and mystifies others. Sometimes it helps to have a saying.

  2. Five problems with social media? That should be easy – the first being the pressure to play by the rules! Enjoy November; make it do what it do! Channel the admixture of feelings that come with fall and see what you get!

      • Really? I think that particular prompt is a work of transparency for all of us, probably more than we think initially. Would require us to write more without a filter. Good luck with the 30 day writing challenge. I’ll be NaNoWriMoing as I try to finish one. Chucked the first one but it was such a necessary part of the process. Learned so much about myself.

      • Best of luck with NaNoWriMo!! One day I’ll sign up for that. Right now, it would just be one more self-imposed stressor. 🙂

      • Do I understand?! I want to kick myself when I sign up for stuff. This time it is mostly an exercise in accountability- to finish something I’ve started. I’m less concerned with churning out 50K “new” words.

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