What My Brain is Mulling Over

My gosh. So much going on. So busy. So much driving and not getting home at a decent hour. I skipped yoga class last night to mow the front yard. It’d been awhile. And exercise is exercise, right? Right.

And so while I’m doing ALL THE THINGS, I’m also thinking about a lot of random things these days, mainly because I’m not sleeping well and my brain won’t shut down but also just because. I’m thinking about:

  1. How much I’d like to live in a Trump-free world.
  2. How amused I am by the response, on a local FB page, that we’re getting a dollar store soon. Half the folks want x y and z as well or instead of. Half are complaining about anything that smacks of convenience and want everyone to boycott what we already have as if that would change anything. If an area is zoned for business and the county supervisors agree with the property owner about what they want to build, there’s not much that can be done about it. “Boycotting” what’s already established is just nonsense. You don’t like it, don’t shop there. But somehow those businesses seem to be doing just fine. I am thrilled to have choices, and a nice clean drug store and a nice clean ABC store. And whatever else they put in (not a fan of fast food joints but I don’t think we’re getting one of those, thankfully)
  3. How much I couldn’t stop looking at, when we visited the middle school and met all of Red’s teachers, her history teacher’s shoes. She was wearing canvas wedges with a peek-toe type hole in the front. I’m sure that’s got a name but I don’t know it. Her toes had slid down and were jammed into that hole which left a two-inch gap at the heel. How she walked around in those things, I do not know, but I was both fascinated and repulsed at the same time. When that five-minutes was up, I left with relief. I’d probably never have to see her or her toes again.
  4. How Red’s language arts teacher gave ME homework to do. We, the parents, are supposed to write an essay about our kids. I could fill a notebook with information about Red and her awesomeness. I’m not sure where to start. So I haven’t yet. The deadline’s next Friday. Red earns a point so I need to write it and turn it in soon.

Lastly, I’m mulling over creating calendars and note cards from my garden photos. If you’d like to pre-order one (or both or more than one or whatever), let me know. I’m still trying to figure out the best website to use for this but I’m taking orders now and will get back to you. They make great Xmas gifts. Don’t you think?


One thought on “What My Brain is Mulling Over

  1. Yes I think calendars and especially note cards would be WONDERFUL. I have loved using the ones you gave me last year and I’d get more if you had them.

    Also I too dream of a Trump-free world. Man he’s annoying.

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