Creative Ventures

Happy Labor Day Weekend! We are all sad that summer’s coming to an unofficial end even though we’ll be attending a concert tonight out of town (which will be my final voyage of the summer, thank goodness). But the girls are moving up to middle and high school and they’ve met their teachers, walked their schedules, and are as ready as they’ll ever be for a new year, a new school.

I’ve been preparing some new projects as well!

I have created two new blogs.

Scribbletown Gardens will be (I hope) a revenue-generating blog (please click on links and help baby get a new pair of shoes!) in which I talk about most things gardening. I’ll include recipes and house projects and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Roadside Virginiana will document as many old motels along the entire length of Route One in Virginia as possible. The idea came to me after travelling the same stretch of Route One (to avoid the hideous traffic on I-95) within a two week period. Because traffic moves slower on Route One, as it goes through towns and there are numerous stop lights and reduced speeds, I was able to notice my surroundings. And what I noticed were the dozens of abandoned and repurposed old motels from a time when Route One was THE highway, and the thrill of driving was new and exciting. Unlike now, when it is necessary and soul sucking hell. Mostly.

I felt a compulsion to document these disappearing landmarks, this very American history.

Hope you’ll join me in both places! I’ll still be here as well, writing about stuff and life. As I do.


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