Communication Breakdown

The kids are finally back home. Red has been spending her evenings practicing her hula hooping skills but last week she decided to create a scavenger hunt for me. She disappeared outside and I went back to my book and promptly forgot about it until I walked across the room and found a piece of paper on the floor.

[I will pause here for a second to say that I didn’t bring my camera along on the hunt and had to retrace my steps afterwards so that I could document this before it was dismantled. Thus, when I arrived at my “prize”, I swiftly removed it from the ground and brought it inside which explains why the final photo was taken from the counter.]

August 2015 download 153

Game on! Here’s what was taped to the door:

August 2015 download 154


August 2015 download 155


August 2015 download 156

Well. Okay. Let’s follow the coins but if this is another jab at Bowie, somebody’s gonna pay. (All the other clue cards were so hidden that…they didn’t exist. Just so you know.) Across the deck….a trail of coins….

August 2015 download 142

Down the steps….

August 2015 download 143

Across the “stones” on the grass “lake”….

August 2015 download 144

August 2015 download 145

Almost there….

August 2015 download 146

One clue and one clue only led me to this:

August 2015 download 157

Hmph. Now I know what to play in the car next week.

P.S. I did not take the coins.


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