Slip Sliding Away

I woke up to the shock of realizing this is the last day of July. One more month of summer and we’re downhill to that most awful time of year: winter.

This past week has been crazy busy. The things I need to do, that need to get done, are competing with all the other things that need to be done. I have been carrying around letters from my doctor’s office reminding me that July is the month I need to go in for an annual exam and mammogram.


I’ve been too busy mowing and fixing my a/c unit and my car and, well…..

Cup your hands and dip them in a pool of water. A water of days. Lift them up slowly. You are holding summer. The days are already slipping through the cracks between your fingers, aren’t they? Is there anything left now? No? How long did that take? A couple seconds? Yeah. Fuck. Summer’s waning and fast.

And because this fall will be even busier with kids in middle and high school and all that marching band requires, I’m going to have to break down the garden (which I haven’t even visited since Monday! Because I haven’t been home before dark since then.) early this year. Pull everything up, add the compost that’s just been SITTING THERE all summer mocking me because I’ve been nothing but completely negligent, plant some cover crop seed and let everything percolate until March. I won’t have time for it. My brussel sprout seeds have done zilch and that might be just as well. I’m not sure I’ll have time to tend them once school begins.

I inhaled in June and I’m afraid to let that breath out for fear of what might happen. You know what happens to a balloon when you let the air out.


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