Glorious Thunderstorm

There are so many things I love about summer and thunderstorms are near the top of the list. It was hot yesterday which makes a lot of people complain but I’ll take 100 degrees over 10 degrees any day. Any day. It was too hot to mow yesterday evening so I worked on dismantling the laundry/art room in true KonMari style. I sorted through decades of crayons (did you know that crayons can be hand-me-downs? Many of ours are.) and markers and all the ragged bits of past craft projects, shards of shells from old beach trips, stickers from the era when I had children young enough to revel in stickers.

Meanwhile, outside, there was a storm building up. And it ended up being an amazing, glorious thunderstorm. The power never flickered, there wasn’t a great wind, but the lightning flashed continuously for more than an hour (at least when I finally went to bed it was still flashing) like the sky gods were having a disco party or something. And the garden was watered and I could feel all the plants and the grass and weeds give out a huge sigh of relief. Release. Like the climax of an orgasm. That’s summer. It’s that build up, that “wait for it” feeling that is the opposite of the horror I feel when I see snow begin to fall.

Summer is cicadas and warmth (and humidity, which I personally don’t mind) and growing food and being warm and comfortable in my skin. I never feel physically better than I do in the summer. So, if you hate it, I’m sorry. You can lord your horrible cold winter over me in a few months but right now, I’m in my happy place. It’s no coincidence that I was born on the first day of summer. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday.

June has whizzed by. I tried to catch the tail of the June kite but it just kept going higher so I stopped trying. The first two weeks were filled with end-of-school-year first and lasts: Dusty’s final middle school band concert, awards ceremonies, first formal dance (she was asked out by a boy friend who presented her with a wrist corsage! I know nothing of these normal civilized rites and rituals having never attended a formal anything so I didn’t know the boy probably should have had a boutonniere but it didn’t matter, they had a great time), first high school marching band meetings; Red’s 5th grade graduation.

And then school ended and my children were suddenly 9th and 6th graders. Just like that.

We hightailed it to the beach (bringing one friend per kid) for what turned out to be a perfect week. Beautiful weather, nice house with quick access to the beach, one really good thunderstorm, warm ocean with no sharks. I saw dolphins, pelicans, a giant turtle, and a bunny who came into the yard every morning to eat the grass while I drank my coffee and wrote on the screened-in porch before all the kids woke up.

And now I’m a year older and the house is empty until August, mostly. I’ll mow and clean and paint the laundry room and garden and take pictures of my produce and maybe write a little and figure out where to go from here in my perfect summer space.