Okay, more things I love.

1. Watching huge flocks of birds fly in clouds comprised of themselves, dipping and soaring, like an animated drawing on a sheet of paper.

2. The same flock of birds rising up from a picked over field of corn stalk stubs. I wonder if there’s a leader who decides when and where they’ll go? “All together now, mates! To the west!” One minute the field is covered in pecking feathered bodies. The next, a cloud rises and flies off. Makes me want to join the adventure.

3. That warm dry winter day sandwiched between a succession of cold wet ones. Like Mother Nature hit the pause button while she got up to pee or make a sandwich or something. It gives me a chance to wander around the yard, gather fallen branches for a future fire, pick up things that have blown off the deck – an empty flower pot, a tarp I’d forgotten had been draped over the railing to dry, or to just remember what it’s like to be outside and not miserable. That alone is worth a lot.

4. I’m not really a huge fan of Christmas. It’s a stressful holiday (well, they all are, but there’s more at stake at Christmas). I really hate Christmas songs (Except a few. For just a couple days.) and I hate that some radio stations switch to an all-Christmas format in early November and then every time you walk into a store to do all that stupid buying-of-things, you are assaulted by it. I’m not in the mood but I’m forced to listen to it. Like “Contemporary Country Music Day” radio at the grocery store.

That said, I do love Christmas lights. Lots of gaudy lights. Colors! White is too uptight for me. Give me color!

But I especially love how magical a lit Christmas tree (real only, please; I’m pagan at heart) looks in a dark room. You know what that looks like. I don’t need to describe it. You can see it in your head, can’t you?

Beauty. Beauty in nature. I guess that’s what ties these things all together. Beauty is all around us if we look for it.


2 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Yes, yes. I especially agree about #4. I don’t mind a little holiday stuff, but usually on Dec 26 I am with the Christmas.

    • I have about a 3 day window of time – just before and just after Xmas – where I can handle Xmas songs. But Nov 1st? Esp knowing it’s gonna be non-stop for almost 2 months? NO. It also must be really obnoxious to people who are non-Christian. Do they do this crap in places with higher percentages of Jewish and Muslim folks?

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