Defining Joy

Well, its Monday again. And no one in the house is particularly happy about that. But, we’ve broken out the three “countdown to Christmas” calendars and we’ve got our eyes on the prize. Not necessarily The Day but the beginning of winter break. Three weeks to go. Two more Mondays.

This Monday is a warm, beautiful day and I drove to the bank and Target with the new One Direction cd blasting in the car. It makes me happy and I’m trying to surround myself with things that make me happy.

In The Artist’s Way, it’s time for me to be kind to myself, splurge a bit, notice how I spend my time and money. On others? All the time? Maybe I should find a way to be kind to me. I haven’t done that monetarily today – it’s not all about things, is it? – but in the spirit of a book (the title escapes me) a friend recommended recently that helps you declutter by surrounding yourself only with things that bring you joy, I’ve decided to define joy for me and find ways to bring it close, like a soft blanket on a cold night.

So, here are a couple of things that are bringing me joy right now:

1. The sun and the fact that it’s 70 degrees today. It’s hard to ask for a better start to the work week than that.

2. One Direction. I know, I should be ashamed of myself, a 48-year-old mother who might be a bigger fan of the band than my daughters, but I’m not. They have such lovely voices (and faces – let’s be frank) and there are some really lovely harmonies on the new album that touch that place inside me that still carries the young me, the girl I was; a place that’s raw and hopeful and longs for the love of a nice sweet boy. I haven’t ever found that boy but the hope hasn’t completely died. And this album reignites that flame.

3. The fact that I’ve begun to write the new novel. If four pages counts, than yeah. I’m writing. That gives me great joy and might keep the negative thoughts at bay for a bit. I hope.

4. Pumpkin pie. It’s so versatile! It’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! What more could you want?

5. My room. I’ve spent the last few months painting and decorating my bedroom. A while back, I finally found a comfy chair for the reading corner and when Franklin isn’t hogging it up, it’s become my second favorite place to be in the evening. While the kids are on the other side of the house watching tv, doing homework, bickering over who agreed to let who braid their hair, I am in my tiny oasis with a book or a journal or a list. Thinking or writing or reading in peace. It’s something I’ve wanted for years and now I finally have it.

What brings you joy?


2 thoughts on “Defining Joy

  1. It brought me joy to have both kids home this weekend!
    It brings me joy to share a fandom with my daughter. I think it’s a great bond, and it needn’t be weird. Adults have too much shame about showing enthusiasm, in general.

    • Yeah. I’m not sure why there’s an age-limit on certain things. Of course, I’m a little suspicious of grown ups who have Disney-themed marriages but otherwise…

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