Suffering Fools

I picked a fine time to leave Facebook, Lucille. Because PEOPLE are getting on my nerves and I have no outlet left to vent about them but here. So, here I’ll sit and ask you:

1. Why are the two most irritating and alike family members inundating me with multi-question emails? How did one become like the other? Why am I the solver of problems big and small? Why can’t they seek their own solutions? Here is my answer to these questions and all of theirs: I DONT KNOW! I don’t know. I. Don’t. Know.

2. Why are people who respond to craigslist ads so incredibly stupid? Why? If I mention in a post that I cannot bring the item up for sale to them because it will not fit in my car, why do they say, “Can you bring this to me 45 minutes away? ‘K, thanks!” Lady, can you READ? And then another responder wants to know where I am. Despite the fact that it’s in the HEADING of the ad. I am here. “Where’s that?” Do you not have the internet at your disposal? Can you not see the map attached to my post? WTF? What is wrong with people? WHAT?

3. And then the recommendation forms Dusty needs to apply to high school were apparently done wrong? Despite the fact that they are identical, they are different in some way I can’t discern and the wrong teachers filled out the wrong forms so blank ones were sent home with no explanation and the deadline? Is Monday. And today? Is the last day of school this week. Luckily, the teachers were more responsive to my emails and clearly much more helpful than the guidance counselor so my hope is that this little wrinkle will iron itself out by the end of the day. But still. W. T. F. I ask you.

It’s been one of those weeks and it’s Tuesday. I can only hope that this five-day holiday goes much more smoothly. Actually, this crap week was set in motion last Friday when my plan was to attend the second day of a two-day conference and then attend a funeral in the afternoon. But Red was feeling poorly and clearly needed a day of rest. So, plans were scrapped and we hung out at home, watching the Lego movie, the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special, and playing games all day – card games, Othello, Pay Day, Scrabble. Which ended up being a good thing but was not the day I had anticipated.

Being without my circles of friends (I do have messenger on my phone but I really can’t type out a rant with one finger because that’s when I spontaneously combust out of frustration at not being able to explain my frustration) has been difficult. I get little notifications via email but only responses to previous posts. Or tags. Images aren’t included. New posts are not included. So, I know a little of what’s going on in there but I’m out here. Tapping my feet impatiently waiting for the door to open again. I should be reflecting on what I’m learning by this exercise and what I’ve spent my time doing instead of monitoring my social media world of choice. But I’m not. If the days had been smooth with no hiccups, I could better stand it. It’s when the endless parade of piddly crap trips me up, that I find it hard. WHO CAN I COMPLAIN TO? Why do I need to complain to anyone? I don’t know. I guess I am not getting much validation via journal writing. The pen, the paper…they aren’t talking back. They aren’t giving me the virtual hug I need.

Why did I do this, you might ask? I’ve decided to do Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way again. With a friend, sort of, though our schedules are so opposite these days that getting together has been a challenge. And I have been going slower than one chapter a week. So, 6 weeks in I’m at chapter four which involves a week of reading deprivation.

No reading. For a week. Could you do it? Well, because I have to read for my job and because the amount of pleasure reading I’m doing these days is minute (I checked this for verification – I have read half the number of books this year than I normally read), I decided that the biggest time waster was FB. If I gave that up for a week – a mini Lent – perhaps I’d learn something. Giving up reading would perhaps not be a good thing work-wise and would make little discernible difference outside of work.

And I have learned something. I’ve learned that what I’ve done is cut myself off from my friends right when I needed them, caused a few people to taunt me unnecessarily, that no good personal deed goes unpunished. So, I’m going to think on that for the next two days when I can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of the interwebs. Or something. I don’t know.

I. Don’t. Know.


2 thoughts on “Suffering Fools

    • Luckily the school nightmare rectified itself. Occasionally I have to be Super Bitch Mom. And the CL people disappeared. But the family people…..I’m afraid only death will solve that.

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