A Barry White World

Okay, I will say this about daylight saving time, and nothing more: there is no good reason to mess with time. None. If the tea party or the libertarians would address this Congress-driven insanity, I might be able to get behind them. This is government interference at its worst, as far as I’m concerned. It’s torture and needs to stop. I should not EVER have to wake up in the “morning” and still see stars twinkling in the DARK ASS sky. No one should.

There. I’m done.

The weekend was lovely – warm and relatively quiet (apart from the dog). I did cookie-related chores and removed all the garbage from the house. I got the extra firewood out of the house (you never know when a storm will knock out the power). I cleaned and laundered things. I watched good shows and bad movies. I read my book and got a better idea of how to approach the story I want to write someday. I crossed things off my list. Not all the things, not by a long shot, but enough to make me feel I’d been productive.

The roofer came by and crawled around in my attic and found what he thinks is the problem. And he thinks he can fix it for a very negligible amount of money – less than a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant. My idea of fancy. Which means a step above Panera. Which means I can solve this problem without burrowing deeper into debt.

Oh, don’t think I have run out of things to complain about. That bucket is bottomless but I’ll spare you my rants. I’ll deal with those via personal conversations and emails. It might seem that I’m TMI’ing it too frequently here but really, I’m only scratching the surface. I would like to complain about these bad new scratchy bras (think: plastic thread) I bought that I will have to return (story of my life) but I’ll keep that one to myself. For now.

So. Positivity! Yes. Let’s find some good things to talk about. Like the weather! Which is getting warmer! And I’m looking at a week of relatively decent temps and only one day of possible rain.

Also, I’ve been driving around listening to Marvin Gaye and Barry White and….jesus, I hope somewhere there is a Barry White World because I need that level of “giving a shit” from another person. I am the latter day Ally McBeal, I guess, a confession that pains me to admit because I find that show highly annoying for many reasons not the least of which is the shudder-inducing thought that Ally is married to Han Solo. I file that one in the same “What’s Wrong With The World” folder next to the whole DST thing. But I understand her Barry White fantasies because doesn’t everyone want to hear that they are someone’s everything? Just once? I would. Maybe my folder should be labeled “Wishful Thinking” and I’d need an accordion file for that. Probably more than one.

So! We have a big ole wide sunny day before us. Let’s go out and walk around in it. I’m certainly going to try even though I didn’t pack the right shoes for it.


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