In Which There is Simply Not Enough Time

Oh, Monday! How soon you show up again! Well, I did not get my entire to-do list done but I did tackle quite a bit.

* Clothing – yes, I gathered up stuff nice enough to take to the consignment store which I will do this week. I just took a giant IKEA bag (you know those really big blue bags they sell?) full of second tier clothes and things Dusty outgrew, that Red will never wear, to Goodwill.

* I hung the poster over my partially-organized writing desk. The next step is to use that space to actually write in. I seem to be doing a lot of thinking about writing these days versus actually writing. Oh well. It’ll come. I guess. Eventually.

* Monuments Men. Yes! I did this! My sister and I saw it in a theatre of fairly-quiet people! Unlike the theatre in which we saw Inside Llewyn Davis, where an ancient woman walked in and said, in her regular street voice (probably her only one), “This isn’t 12 Years a Slave? Is this 12 Years a Slave? It’s not 12 Years a Slave? Well, which theatre is that in? What is this? What movie is this? This isn’t 12 Years a Slave!” Lady, swear to god, get OUT. NOW. So help me….

* After the movie, I went to Target for shelf paper (which it did not have) and other things ($65 worth of Target things! Is it possible to spend less than $50 a trip there?). I found duct tape in child-approved colors and designs and said, fuck it, I’ll duct tape the inside of that crappy rusty medicine cabinet. Which I did. Because I’m either white trash and had never realized it before or….I’m an ARTIST. I’m going with the last one. I meant to take a photo of my ARTISTIC EXPRESSION, but forgot. Because I’m white trash. Which doesn’t make any sense but whatever. If you really want to see it, tell me and I’ll post a photo.

* Groceries were purchased, guinea pig cage cleaned, garbage and recycling went to the dump, laundry was done, beds were made, floors were swept, bathtubs scrubbed, date muffins were baked, etc. I was not idle. I stayed off the internet but watched tv. A little bit of the Olympics and a lot of Breaking Bad. Could I love Bryan Cranston any more than I already do? I did not think it was possible.

Sunday – TAXES. Were done. Federal AND State. Because I rule. And because I have to multi-task on weekends, I set up a pot of corn/quinoa soup beforehand (with rice instead of quinoa ’cause my 20th century Food Lion doesn’t seem to sell anything as fancy and modern as quinoa, the most ancient grain there is), started a loaf of bread in the bread maker, put more laundry in the washer and sat down and did the motherfucking taxes. And had a beer, chips and salsa for lunch afterwards. With a bread chaser. And read the paper. And a book! Yes. It was nice.

What did not get done:

* Closet. This is a much bigger task than I’d imagined which I discovered as I was going through clothes. It’s a multi-step process that might happen next weekend. Or might not. It’ll get done soon. In this calendar year. I reckon.

* Printer. Yep, didn’t even turn the thing on.

* Games. Games are still where they were. It occurred to me that I should probably paint the hangout room BEFORE I start piling stuff in the closet (which also needs painting) so I’m not doing that task twice.

* Potting soil. Nope. Nobody has potting soil in February. This is a tragedy and a bit presumptuous, I think. What better time to tend to houseplants than the depths of winter? Might try a hardware store soon, though. Maybe they have a couple bags. This is especially crucial because one of the blueberry plants is in a pot that is falling apart. This winter has been so brutal it’s broken the plastic pot. I hope the plant’s not dead.

* Exercise videos. Yeah, didn’t get to that either. Not a big surprise, I’m sure. I did take the plastic off and that annoying sticker at the top (why do CDs and DVDs require so much plastic and tape?) but I didn’t get any farther than that.

But, at least I’ve guaranteed a to-do list for NEXT weekend!


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