So, also on that last roll of film, and this is why I date it to 2006, are these adorable photographs of Red as toddler. She got this little wardrobe for Christmas of – possibly – 2005 (I think). That right hand door didn’t last long. The hinges (specialty hinges I’ve never been able to find to replace) broke and the wardrobe as been one-doored ever since.


Who’s there? Who could be in there? Knock knock!!


Aw! What a scamp. Red loved to hide and climb and explore and was an all-around handful of a kid. She really hasn’t changed much except now she “uses her words” which….are quite colorful and plentiful.


I don’t remember as much of her babyhood as I’d like to. Those years were exhausting and thank god for photographs because without them I’d probably have forgotten most of it. Dusty was always interested – deeply interested – in this and that and the other. Reading and crafts and painting and doing and pretending and dressing up and star gazing and cooking and needlepoint and sewing and latch hook rugging and….whew! Everything. She kept me mentally busy and Red was a clinger, always needing to be carried and held so there was the physical exhaustion too.

Red was into everything and drawing on walls and eating books and being smack IN YOUR FACE all the hours of the day.


But I wouldn’t change a thing.


4 thoughts on “Peek-A-Boo!

  1. More photographic treasures! Having experienced Red’s in-your-face style firsthand, I have to say that it is charming. (And, I am sure, exhausting.)

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